Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Fitzgerald

About me

Zelda, the name brings thought of a princess needing to be rescued. I am not that princess. In fact i'm not a princess at all.

What I am is a luxury, time spent with me is like enjoying a delicious, full-bodied red wine.
The taste of me is unforgettable, thinking of that time together shall leave you with a secret smile and a twinkle in your eye. 

A beautiful 25 year old, I stand at 174cm tall with porcelain skin, voluptuous curves and light freckling down my arms and across my eyes. My piercing brown eyes are framed by glasses, my long blonde hair dances on my shoulder waiting for you to brush it back and whisper in my ear. My lips and my tongue create a story that rolls out across your skin, it shows my love of what I do, the skill I have is from years of dedicated practice. Allow me to teach you the ways of the wild.

When planning to see me, I like to completely disclose that November last year I had gastric sleeve surgery. In the following months since I have dropped 50kgs which has left me with loose skin.

Zelda xx

Special Offers


  • : Brown
  • : 14-16
  • : 174cm / 5'9in
  • : 25
  • : Blonde/Silver
  • : Yes


  • : $150 GFE
  • : $200 GFE / 350PSE
  • : $350 GFE / 650PSE
  • : $700 GFE / 950PSE
  • : $800GFE/ 1200PSE
  • : $2000GFE/ 4000PSE


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