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Gabrielle Lush

About me

Hey I'm Gabbi! No just kidding, according to the latest name generator I'm actually Sleazy Swallows.... ok let's be real for a sec, clearly I'm a woman who finds life hilarious but we are not here because of my amazing sense of humour.


We are both here because I am one hell of a naughty, vivacious BBW and I want to rock your socks off. In fact, I'm so good at rocking socks off that I do this for a living!


Honestly, I just want to play, I want to be dirty and I want to send you home exhausted. Because when I'm not too busy being absolutely hilarious, my favourite things to do it to devour men.


So, if you think you'd like to have loads of fun with me, then let's play! Hell.... I love having my socks rocked off too!

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  • : Green
  • : 14
  • : 160
  • : 34
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  • : Yes


  • : $250
  • : $400
  • : $750
  • : $1000
  • : $1100
  • : $2500


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