Bella Skye

Bella Skye

About me

Hello gentlemen,

I'm a sophisticated, sexy woman with bright eyes, a kind heart, and a playful wild side. 

I am a university-educated, international business coach, business owner and published author, with a secret passion for sexuality, sensuality, tantra and dance.

I have a deep appreciation for men of all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are looking for a woman who can meet your power and passion, or whether you are looking for guidance to expand your world of sexuality and sensuality in a gentle and nonjudgmental way, it is my pleasure and joy to serve.

I offer a variety of experiences depending on who you are and what you are seeking (below). To each experience, I bring my own signature style of deep presence, genuine warmth and seductive charm.

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

~ for the true gentleman and passionate lover

I offer a sensual and passionate girlfriend experience, making you feel completely at ease... pampering you as the centre of attention, or surrendering to your desire to truly pleasure a woman. In an afternoon or evening together, I am naturally versatile, able to offer intelligent conversation, nurturing cuddles, and delightful sex. And you will be amazed at the mesmerising movement and flowing femininity you will witness in my body if you ask me to dance for you. I like to offer genuine connection and intimacy, without drama. I am curious to explore your deepest fantasies and longings with you. I'm also genuinely bi-sexual and happy to work with couples, or to arrange another woman for you to enjoy with me, if you so desire.

The Tantric Experience (TTE)

~ for the seeker of conscious loving bliss

Imagine lying together with a beautiful woman, naked bodies gently entwined... there's absolutely no pressure to perform, yet every wave of arousal is pulsing you into your own perfect state of wholeness and bliss… To enter the world of Tantra is to turn away from "the outside world" and step into the realm of the spirit, where the light of your soul combines with the pleasure of your skin. Let me guide you into deep relaxation through tantric massage, sensual touch and movement, and into expanded awareness through breath and eye gazing. We will play with the erotic polarity of masculine and feminine energy, feeling and moving the sexual energy between us and riding it into ecstasy, taking lovemaking to a whole new level...

*These sessions are three hours minimum and I encourage multiple sessions over time to deepen the tantric experience. 

Whatever has been holding you back, perhaps now is the time to let it go... and give yourself the nourishing pleasure of letting me pleasure and serve you. 

Love Bella Skye xox

Please note: I'm completely committed to discretion and the protection of your privacy. I have not displayed any clear images of my face to protect my own privacy, but I assure you will not be disappointed. My clients always remark that I am far more beautiful than they could've possibly imagined.....

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