Charlie Forde

Charlie Forde

About me


Curious about me?

You should be.

I’m a down to earth, goofy, adventurous gal with a penchant for exploring the wider world as well as exploring the bedroom.

I’m an open book, well known for my blog where I share my love of life and the challenges I’ve faced with a dash of bedroom advice.  The best way to get to know me however is through a rendezvous; whether you’re geek, chic or sleek, I guarantee that my playful and laid back attitude coupled with a desire to satiate your fantasies will leave you craving more.

I buck the trend of the adult industry, subscribing to the belief that the allure lies not in what you can see but more in the stripping back. An expert at the art of seduction, I love to tease with a slow reveal. Not one to fake it, I’ll tell you what I love and will show you what you adore… even if you don’t even know it yet.

I am the perfect mix of debauchery and class. I love to be the sweet, funny, enthusiastic lover you wish you had. If your taste is a little more adventurous, then I swear I won’t stop til your legs are shaking and the neighbours know my name.

I will happily wile away the hours locked in the bedroom or on your arm out and about…. A food addict at my core, nothing pleases me more than getting lost in the hustle and bustle of nightlife with good food and conversation to match. If, like me, you prefer the haze of early morning fun and long days in the sun then there is nothing better than escaping with me for a day… or two… or five…

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and delve into the bed with me, all you need to do is get in touch.



A Discount of $50 per hour of full service will apply to the below prices if a booking is made with a minimum of 24 hours notice and a 30% deposit, to a maximum of $500.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast based. 

Available by appointment Australia wide



Want to end your day with a happy ending? Enjoy Charlie's body rubbing up and down yours in an adulterous massage. *No full service*

1/2 hour $150                     1 hour $300

THE "CHARLIE" EXPERIENCE (Girlfriend Experience)
Escape from reality with a very inclusive, passionate experience that will leave you daydreaming of more. The one word that is most often used to describe my GFE? REAL. No airs, no implied persona, just unadulterated, friendly, down to earth Charlie. A little bit of Naughty, a little bit of nice…. the perfect kind of girlfriend. 

$300 half an hour

$450 45 minutes

$500 one hour



For those who like to play along the corners of the bedroom, this experience could leave you begging for more on yours knees (literally, if you request it). Charlie is all inclusive with this experience - no extras, unless you're wanting to film. With a combination of girlfriend and pornstar inclusions, your every desire will be met and more. 

$500 half an hour

$700 45 minutes

$800 one hour


Spoil the one you love while exploring corners of the bedroom that you didn't even know were there. Take your relationship to a new level of intimacy, trust and downright naughtiness. Learn exactly what it’s like to see your partner with another person in a safe, intimate and professional environment….. no complicated friendships or feelings in the aftermath, only pure sexual cheekiness and a great story to remember. Nothing pleases her more than bringing couples closer together. 

Prices as per Sensual Experience - no extra fee!!

$500 per hour

Charlie has many loves but her one long time, true love is food. There are many ways that you can enjoy dinner and fun with Charlie. For those that love to get out and about, you and Charlie can explore the tucked away restaurant gems that she knows and loves. If a quiet night in is more your style, then you can unwind with Charlie at home with a movie and a home cooked meal or a delicious local eat in. Regardless of the way you enjoy dinner, one thing is for sure - the after dinner “dessert” will leave you craving more…and more… and more

$1500 (2 hours of dinner and socialising and 2 hours of bedroom bliss)

Like the idea of a dinner date but want a little more Charlie on the side? Why not enjoy 6 hours of fun! With this much time together the opportunities are endless… picnics, movies, maybe a rock climb or a surf for the more adventurous type… in other words, a very authentic date night would be on the cards. 


Overnight visits are the perfect drug for those with a Charlie addiction as it gives the best of all worlds…. they give loads of time to do whatever you want in whatever way or position you want ;) Take your time exploring the town or exploring Charlie, fall asleep with your arm around her waist, wake up to her smile and her body. The perfect end and the perfect start to your days. 

$3000 12 hour overnight stay/$3500 15 hour overnight stay

Jets don’t have to be on the cards, but an extended stay away with Charlie is definitely on the cards. Cruise the sea, shack up in a local holiday house or escape to another end of the world with Charlie by your side to enjoy day and night. 

2 days $5,000
3 days $7,000
4 days $8,500
5 days $10,000

Please enquire for longer trips. 

Travel fees to the destination may be waived dependant on the length of booking and the destination, please enquire to discuss the specifics of your special getaway. 

Please respect my wishes for a safe service; all unprotected or unsafe requests will be refused.

Holiday packages are exempt from the discount with deposit offer, as the packages must be paid in full prior to service provision.


Please respect my wishes for a safe experience; all unsafe or unprotected services will be refused. 


DISCLAIMER: all services are provided at my discretion. Any gents with rashes,cuts or suspected stds in the groin or buttocks region will be offered an alternative service. If this is refused then a fee equivalent to one hour will apply due to travel time and personal time to visit. 

Cancellations less than 2 hours before a booking or clients that do not attend will incur a $100 fee that must be paid via bank transfer prior to any further bookings being organised. 



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  • : $1500
  • : $3500


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