Max Bay

Max Bay

About me

My name is Max and these are just a few of the many parts that make up the charm and attractiveness you’ll feel when we spend some time together. 
Standing at just over 6 foot and with the body of a chiseled viking, if you are looking for an experience with a MAN, look no further. First you’ll be charmed by some good conversation where I’ll begin to turn you on with flirty looks and intelligence and humor. Then, when you’re comfortable, I’ll stop undressing you with my eyes and carry on with undressing you with my hands, touching and teasing until you are overcome with desire and throw away your inhibitions.
If you want to be treated like a lady, I can be the perfect gentleman. If you’re looking for 50 shades of grey type experience, allow me to ease you into a world of pleasure and a theme park of uncomplicated bliss where you are the main attraction and your body becomes my playground. 
I can be whatever you want and I guarantee you will feel completely satiated by any experience we have together. You will leave excited by the prospect of there being a next time…

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  • : Dark Brown
  • : N/A
  • : 185
  • : 31
  • : Brown
  • : Yes
  • : Yes


  • : $100
  • : $200
  • : $350
  • : $450
  • : $100
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