Amber King

An Amorous Awakening Awaits...

Connection. Chemistry. Conversation.

And carnal liaisons. 

Lace all four up with a double-bow of authentic sensuality and charisma, and you have Amber King (that’s me). I’m your girl next door fantasy burst to life, except I’ve ditched my dungarees for romantic dalliances and intimate encounters. I combine my every-day charm with an active imagination, and I seek to move and to be moved. Both mentally and physically.

Maybe just like you?

 Who am I?

Sometimes I call myself a professional Cinderella. Other times I call myself an elite call girl, GFE Melbourne, an independent escort in Melbourne, or a luxury travel companion.

These phrases all allude to the same day dream:

I hold the key to an escape where pleasure knows no bounds. I provide a high-end, thoughtful and finely curated experience for men who want to indulge.

Physically, mentally, and carnally. 

 My personality

I'm articulate, with an extensive vocabulary and razor sharp mind. But I know how to laugh, and will pepper my conversations with both high brow and low brow topics. I'll keep you on your toes, and relish an intellectual equal who can stimulate my mind too. 

I'm a bit of a social chameleon, navigating a variety of situations easy. I'm equally capable of charming large groups, or crafting an intimate space just for you and I. I can play the role of eloquent dinner date, or playful nymph. My transformation depends on your needs, and what you prefer behind closed doors.

I'm highly energetic, love to be entertained, and to provide entertainment. I'm best in an environment that requires participation, which is why I adore human interaction.

Above all, I value authenticity, vulnerability and genuine connection. I'm often told that I'm easy to open up to, due to my ability to listen generously. From spilling your wildest fantasies and deepest secrets, or simply being able to share your opinions, be silly and enjoy yourself – with me, unwinding is a breeze.

I'm feminine and glamorous, with locks of golden hair that cascade in curls down my back, or fall in messy waves, depending on my mood. I'm pale, with an impeccable complexion that glows, and a light smattering of freckles on my nose. I have a light scattering of beauty marks and birth marks, ideal for exploring as an intimate game of eye-spy.

 GFE Melbourne

A experience with me is a perfectly curated opportunity to escape from reality. When you're with me, you're able to slip away from the daily grind, to a new reality; one where you are the King of your kingdom.

I strive to make GFE fantasies come true, and my clients' satisfaction is a testament to my success.

Expect high quality, authenticity and careful attention to your needs and desires. The only thing I will not concede to is poor manners - I simply don't have time for them.

I focus on high quality over high volume engagements. As such, I meet with a limited number of gentlemen each week to ensure that each client gets the level of attention, energy and pleasure that they truly deserve.

 Is this you?

You're seeking the ultimate GFE in Melbourne. You're a man of great taste and you like to indulge, taking the time to lick your sticky fingers clean. You're acutely aware of your standards, and seek a GFE in Melbourne who can bend over to exceed your needs. Literally. You seek style, substance, and a sordid affair to store for future day dreams. 

Your dream girl? Energetic. Down-to-earth. Happy to please but ultimately, filthy-minded.

You've come to the right place.


Age 24

Height 165cm

Eyes Green

Hair Blonde

Body Type Fit

Ethicity Australian

SWA 10805XE

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please ask me about my services

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


GFE Rates

30 minutes: $350.00

1 hour: $450.00

2 hour: $750.00

3 hour: $1,050.00

Additional Rates

 Bi Twin Double Trouble

I'm thrilled to have the exquisite Ms Harper Jones available for all threesome fantasies. Together, we're the ultimate sensual duo ready to spoil you rotten.

1 hour = $1200

Additional hours = $600


Indulgence is the name of the game, so consider me your personal gift for sharing between the sheets.

1 hour = $600

Additional hour = $300

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