You don't need a dog to explore the wonders Brisbane has hidden away.

You don't need a dog to explore the wonders Brisbane has hidden away.

Posted On 01/03/2017 by AA Admin

It’s cooling down and don’t we notice it!


It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do this temperature drop in Queensland brings with it a huge sigh of relief. I’ve never been one to complain about the weather in any capacity however being from Scotland I fear the summer that’s just past has permanently changed my liberal opinions on the weather. Christ, it was way too hot!


Although we couldn’t really be better situated to deal with the intense heat of the summer, there isn’t enough beach days in the world that could make that temperature sustainable! Whether you’re an escort, client or just reading this for the hell of it I think we can all agree that Brisbane is a better place when it’s not comparable to walking on the surface of the sun.


Rant over! Let’s get back to topic! With this welcome change in temperature I must encourage all you wonderful people to step outside and take full advantage of what our beautiful Brisbane has to offer! I just got back from the Seven Hills nature reserve and after exhausting my dog amongst the tidy trails and quiet creeks I feel like a brand new man!


I’m all for those who enjoy an intense workout within the vanity stricken Brisbane Gyms but I’d love to see more people escaping the captivity of those four air-conditioned walls! Now that the wind doesn’t have a vicious bite to it you can get out and about; go explore the secluded lakes, rivers and forestry reserves that surround Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


I’m a sucker for a good walk or run outdoors and I truly believe that those few minutes I spend admiring the scenery really do help me to forget about the constant headaches of day to day life. Don’t allow your brain free reign to control those tedious thoughts, sometimes it’s great to switch it off and just observe what’s in front of you.


Don’t waste these opportunities ladies and gents, Brisbane is home to some magical places, if you let them pass you by now the opportunity may not present itself again. So get out and about peeps! Explore the unknown! Dip your feet in the stream like this little guy in the picture!


Thanks for reading,