Posted On 16/03/2017 by AA Admin

How can escorts keep things fresh and funny? 

Although I’m not the most experienced in the world, I certainly do see my fair share of escort pictures and boy oh boy do they each have their own unique impact.

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a high calibre camera (Little sense but I love alliteration) but taking pictures isn’t easy, not one little bit! That is why there are professional photographers who charge good money to produce better pictures. With that in mind I’d like to discuss escort photographs and how they can be made unique. 

Since I started my job in this industry I have learned far more than I ever thought was possible. The complexities of every single little detail are phenomenal; from the choice of sexy lingerie to the length of high heel, every detail is paramount for a respected courtesan. After obscene amounts of effort is put into the appearance of said escort it is usually time for a promotional selfie to confidently slap itself onto the twitter feed! The beauty of this is people like myself get a little insight into the organised world of the high class escort. What I would say is, the twittersphere is saturated with ticky tacky pictures that all boast unique features to the trained eye like myself, or a regular user of escorts. However, what I would love to see more of are pictures that hold our humour at ransom. I want to laugh at some of your selfies and cringe at the awkward situations that we all go through from time to time. So lighten up and let the social media platforms run wild with the quirky and bizarre realities that prop up the escort industry.

In conclusion to my brief piece on pre-booking selfies – I love them! Keep doing what you’re doing ladies but maybe mix it up a little on occasion, a broken stiletto, smeared lipstick or a ripped dress – embarrassing equals endearing.

Thanks for reading,

Joe xx