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 This article outlines the reasons why clients book escorts last-minute. 

I will not discuss or address advanced bookings as all escorts and directories cater for advanced bookings and I have never heard an escort say “Gees those advanced bookings are annoying!”

The purpose of this article is to break to stigma around clients who book an Australian escort last minute.

Before I start writing my article, I need to introduce myself so you understand the reason I feel the need to express my viewpoint on this topic. 

My name is Kimber Slone, I am a Brisbane escort and part owner of Available Angels. My business partner is Eden Love; she is also a Brisbane escort.  Together we created an escort directory named Available Angels.


What is Available Angels?

Available Angels is an escort directory specializing in booking an escort last-minute. All the features are designed with this niche in mind.


Why did we specialize in last-minute bookings?

Well, I had a break in the industry and when I returned in 2013, I noticed an influx of last-minute booking enquiries and no directory showed escorts who are available now.

I also noticed that the popular escort directories were flooded with escort profiles. Especially in Brisbane as a lot of touring escorts have paid for premium advertising to have permanent adverts placed. This is another topic I will discuss at a different time.

Booking an escort last minute with the current directory system is like finding a needle in a haystack. Eden and I embarked on an adventure to fill the gap in the escort market. We created an escort directory specializing in last-minute bookings. 

An escort directory specializing in last-minute bookings has never been done before. Most escort directory businesses build their business on copying direct competitors. We didn’t – we created our system entirely for a missing market that needed a solution.  Like anything new – it needs 100% devoted attention to make it work.

We embarked on a challenge to create a system that allows clients to seek escorts available for last minute bookings.

Before launching, the feedback from clients reported that it is hard to:

a) Find an escort last minute, and

b) To be accepted as a valuable customer.

We would like to change this stigma.



I would like to take the time to discuss why clients book an escort last minute. It is very important to understand as there seems to be a stigma about client’s who book escorts last-minute.

Clients who book Australian escorts last-minute might do so for the following genuine reasons.


1.    Time Poor and Can’t plan in advance:

Most of my clients are either married men with children or professionals. The vast majority are both. They have a very tight schedule and often cannot plan ahead. If they are able to plan ahead – that is usually an exception and not the rule.

I understand this as I struggle to book in advance in my own life, for example when I visit my dentist. In fact, I am that time poor; I rarely book anything in advance! The appointments I have to book in advance like my dentist are always a chore and like every other chore I put it off until I absolutely have to make the booking.


2.    Naturally spontaneous:

Some clients love the excitement and thrill of breaking the daily routine and doing something on the spur of the moment. When they turn up to my door, the excitement is all over their face. The boss might have been sick so they had the chance to take some ‘me’ time during work hours.


I have actually had a client who was on vacation with the wife. She decided she was going to the spa for the day. The opportunity arose to book me while on vacation and he took it. Whatever the reason, the thrill for booking an escort last-minute is in the spontaneous meeting.

I completely understand this reasoning as I always make my personal service bookings last minute. This includes my hairdresser, masseuse or beauty appointments. Heck, I have booked holiday’s last minute too. It’s exciting to be spontaneous and I love the break in my daily routine.

Unlike the dentist appointment mentioned above, I love these types of service appointments, as it’s ‘me’ time. They break my daily routine and bring so much joy to my day. Sometimes I need a break from my hectic schedule.

Having the ability to book on the spur of the moment for these types of services makes them even more enjoyable as I am not tied down to make them in advance. Or I don’t plan to do this and have to cancel last minute because of other commitments.


3.    Replacing a cancelled/no show bookings:

 Just like escorts, clients also get cancelled or stood up on. Life happens and sometimes an escort might have to cancel her advanced booking. The client is left with time to spare and often a well thought out and money invested date was planned. And so he embarks on finding a replacement booking.

Does he deserve to be crucified? He has free time and a wallet full of cash. Finding an escort last-minute is high on his agenda because a booking was already in place. Why on earth is there a stigma on clients who book last minute?

I can relate to this story. I organized a threesome and the escort was ill and cancelled the booking. Finding an escort who caters for threesomes is a difficult task and thankfully I found a replacement escort last-minute. Was a great night and I am a firm believer things always happen for the right reasons. Our booking was fantastic! Thanks to Aubrey Black for catering for this last-minute request.


So far the reasons why clients book last minute seem very fair and genuine to me.



There is a stigma that last-minute clients are rude, obnoxious people who don’t value escort schedules. This is completely untrue.

Remember the client I mentioned that booked me while the wife was at the day spa? Well I did ask him why he didn’t try to plan in advance. At the very least, try to pencil in some time we could have confirmed on the day. His reason was that he didn’t want to cancel and disappoint me.

For those that have tried to book me know I am not easy to book last-minute. I have a limited availability, however I am very accommodating and helpful in finding another escort to book. I actually had a client come up to me at the Brisbane Punter Planet drinks night and thank me for helping him to find an available escort last minute.

And for those that are interested in seeing me but can’t plan ahead – I kindly ask they subscribe to my profile on Available Angels. They are notified when I am available last-minute in their preferred city and at their preferred time. My subscriber list has become so vast that I can no longer use my profile for site tests by tapping on as "available now" as my phone rings! Fortunately, we now have a "test profile" for that.

To conclude, I shared three situations when I have dealt with last minute clients. None of the clients were rude, obnoxious or disrespectful to my schedule or to me. They want to book my services!



As stated above, I have simply expressed my viewpoint on why clients book an escort last minute. This entire article is based on my experience in the adult industry.

At no point am I saying all escorts should be available for last minute bookings, or that all clients should expect last minute availability.

I simply see that there is a market for last minute bookings and the stigma around these clients is unwarranted and untrue.

All escorts take bookings in advance. Not all escorts cater for last minute. In a market that is saturated with escorts and numerous directories– you need to stand out and make the most of your availability when it suits you.

This is the reason why Eden and I have invested so much time and money into creating an escort directory named Available Angels that specializes in last minute booking solutions benefitting both escort and client.


Kimber Slone xx