Where to meet your Perth Escort

Where to meet your Perth Escort

Posted On 07/09/2016 by AA Admin

Joe's Blog on Perth escorts.

Where to meet an escort in Perth.


If it’s your first time meeting up with the escort you’ve booked or requested an introduction with then public spaces are an excellent choice. Much like any first encounter it can be nerve racking, meeting and getting comfortable with your escort will depend on many factors, one being your own comfort and confidence. Follow this advice to help with that daunting first meeting with your Perth based escort.

Kings park is an excellent place for a first time meeting with your escort, the quiet and tranquil setting would calm anybody’s nerves! Perth’s Kings Park boasts a number of neatly groomed trees, plants and bushes all adding to the serene beauty of the city’s number one park. Escort’s tend to be very outgoing and adventurous people, who appreciate the outdoors hugely. Take advantage of this knowledge and take your escort to Perth’s wonderful Kings park.

Another meeting destination for your Perth based escort could be the beach. I would suggest going in the evening during sunset, they say there’s no sunset like the one over the Indian Ocean. This isn’t a cheesy idea, far from it – it’ll actually woo your escort, making her/him feel comfortable with themselves and giving both of you something to talk about! The beach can be a dreamy place filled with inspiration – allowing you and your escort to talk about your personal fantasies and dreams without the confides of four monotonous walls. Trust me, your escort will appreciate the novelty and thought.

A more public but bustling and vibrant place to meet your escort could be the Freemantle Markets. You won’t feel an ounce of discomfort whilst walking around the markets amongst the carpenters, musicians, painters and tourists. Perth’s free and liberal centre piece will allow you to gage the interests and disinterests of your escort, in turn improving your experience together tenfold! Your escort would no doubt know Perth through and through however taking them to such an ordinary place will be a shock to them, albeit a pleasant one.


Good luck with your Perth escorts!