We love our Escort Community

We love our Escort Community

Posted On 30/08/2017 by AA Admin

It’s with great admiration that I’m writing this blog on the Escort community. I want to discuss the comradery and companionship that flourishes so boldly within the escort industry.

Since becoming a part of the industry a little over a year ago I have developed such fantastic relationships with a multitude of independent escorts, touring escorts, agency escorts and escort managers. What shocked me initially was the normality of proceedings, this industry is just as customary as other service industries – however the only difference is, the escorts have had no help. In fact, quite the opposite – regulation is becoming increasingly shadier and restrictive for not only Private Escorts but also for Agency & Brothel Escorts. Imagine swimming against a strong current while the rest of the working world are drifting downstream on a floating mattress. That said, with every solid stroke progress is made and escorts get stronger, better and faster – it’s always good to look at the positives.

Most of the sex workers I know are beaming with positivity – their success brings humbleness and helpfulness and this is reflected by the growing trust and support offered within the escort industry. Economically, escorts are all competing but unlike other big business this doesn’t resonate with bitterness or hatred, in fact it has helped construct the framework for which younger escorts can learn, grown and develop.

The Community has become something of a spectacle, whether it’s on a social media platform or a meetup; independent escorts treat each other like a family, one big sexy family! Available Angel’s is slowly trying to take this to the next level, with our upcoming renovations we hope to really brighten up the world of online escort advertising. We believe in helping all types of escort market themselves in the most expressive ways they know how, with no judgement comes creativity and that’s what we strive to achieve as a marketing platform.

So for all you BBW’s, Fetish escorts and escorts who offer unique services please keep expressing yourselves and believing in our supportive community. Together we can keep each other safe and have a great time doing so!

Thanks for reading.

Team AA xx