Three Luxury Australian Escapes for you and your escort.

Three Luxury Australian Escapes for you and your escort.

Posted On 05/01/2018 by AA Admin

Happy New Year! To kick off the new year in true Available Angel’s style we’d love to give you a brief list of our favourite luxury 5 start getaways, Australia based of course but fear not the international version of this blog is coming soon.

This blog is designed to tickle the appetites of the filthy rich; evoke and temp the lavish spenders to do things only lavish spenders can do and encourage Australia’s most desirable escorts to set their sights high for 2018. Fortunately for Australian escorts we live in a place where luxury isn’t hard to come by so much so that as this young country has grown and expanded so too has the idea of luxury. The riverside hotel with a deep plunge pool and intimate spa used to be what dreams were made of; nowadays secluded beachfront villas with personal wait staff and untouched virgin beaches top the list for the big spenders, let’s take a look at what some escorts could be in store for this year.

I have to start with Lizard Island, an island resort located 17 miles off the Queensland Coast, near the Great Barrier Reef. It is quite difficult to describe perfection and that’s just what this resort is. Only accessible by light aircraft, this island resort boasts some of the most desirable accommodation Australia has to offer, scenery that would drop the jaws of Adam and Eve, play on words intended. You just won’t find a more romantic and private getaway destination, so if you’re in the market for spoiling yourself and a high class escort then look no further that Lizard Island.

Now let’s zip over to Northern West Australia to the Berkley River Lodge, a different vibe altogether. Not for the faint hearted, the main attraction here has to be the vast outdoors of the Kimberly coast. If you’re tempted by exploration and adventure then this is the place for you, why not book a trip away with a like-minded escort who’ll treasure the wilderness just as you will. Private mountain top picnics, dips in the fresh water pools and breathtaking views over the Timor Sea… Top this all off with a sexually charged night in the exclusive accommodation, deep bathtubs with spectacular views, quaint plunge pools just for the two of you and of course a bed that’ll cater for all needs. What are you waiting for? Head to West Australia with your perfect escort for a memorable time.

My third and final exclusive escape has to be Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island, New South Wales. This getaway is the closest thing to another planet as you’ll ever find, so why not take an escort that’s out of this world to share the romance with. Capella Lodge is perfectly situated with the mountains towering over you, the rainforest bellowing out unfamiliar tunes by exotic creatures and the gentle ocean caressing the soft velvet sands, this getaway will leave you speechless. There is only one way to make it better and that’s by sharing it with a stunning Australian Escort whose sexual appetite will be fuelled by the romantic appeal of Lord Howe Island, book the perfect getaway now and find the most compatible escort to join you here on Available Angels.

I hope you enjoyed our top three Australian getaways, just remember, life is short and times are good so make the most of it.

Love AA xx