Posted On 22/02/2017 by AA Admin

The reason sex work is illegal in Adelaide is because the politicians are lazy and can’t be bothered updating the laws pertaining to sex work - let's get with the times people! Adelaide is home to some of the most beautiful private escorts. The Adelaide private escorts I know are not in hiding or being secretive about what they sell. In fact, they all pay TAX on their illegal income thus contributing to the economy just like everyone else.

It's been largely accepted by private escorts Australia wide, that the laws in Adelaide are not enforced. None of this means it will be that way forever, or it's safe to escort in Adelaide. There is little protection when you are just relying on the status quo, which conflicts the letter of the law. Adelaide escorts or private escorts touring to Adelaide aren’t given clear guides on what is legal and what is not legal. Adelaide needs to catch up with the rest of the Australian sex worker laws. Hell, they could even do a full 360 and decriminalize sex work all together.

The last comment is certainly wishful thinking, let's face it, escorts are a minority and it means we are discriminated against. I don’t like this or agree; it’s just the facts and until all sex workers ban together to fight this, it will remain this way. However, this topic aside, what saddens me is the escorts in Adelaide must worry about the ramifications of their chosen profession. Are they subjected to more harassment? Assault? Or police mistreatment? It would be interesting to get the stats on this and compare the numbers to the other states in Australia. Making sex work, the oldest profession of all time illegal, just doesn’t make sense.

Now, I must admit that Adelaide did make some amendments in 2000 to deal with ‘sex slavery’, which is a step forward. But I am a firm believer that proper regulation of all sex workers would greatly decrease human trafficking offences. Why? A victim would know that the law is on their side and is more likely to seek refuge if they aren’t going to be criminally prosecuted. Not all sex workers are victims, some choose to be private escorts and run a profitable and legitimate business. All sex workers shouldn’t feel threatened by their profession.

But seriously, why is sex work illegal in Adelaide? Please use our twitter page to discuss this controversial topic. I look forward to hearing from the passionate advocates for sex workers! Get involved!