Sex On The Brain? 3 Top Reasons Sex Will Make You Happier And Smarter

Sex On The Brain? 3 Top Reasons Sex Will Make You Happier And Smarter

Posted On 21/02/2017 by Admin

If you are reading this at work, you're probably distracted and likely to have sex on the brain.

I've been watching Seinfeld on Netflix, and last night's eposide was when George Costanza goes without sex for 6 weeks and finds himself considerably smarter.
Without sex on the brain he begins to develop an increase in intellegence and fills up his otherwise lazy life with meaningful and challenging activities.

Pfft! Now I dont know about you, but I personally get more stupid when I am without sex.

I make mistakes, get distracted, have nervous ticks, and stare a little longer at the opposite sex. I re read entire paragraphs and blink my eyes hoping I might see the sentences consecutively instead of a jumble.
And once this need gets satisfied, I can then retreat back to my office and get some bloody work done! 
I sleep better, my mind is clearer, my energy lifted and I am more productive at work.

You've heard of "Mind Blowing Sex" right? Turns out, it kinda does blow your mind, or at least resets it.

Here's some fun facts about how sex affects you brain and makes you happier and smarter!

Its An Antidepressant!
During sex our nurotransmitters release dopamine, a compound that "rewards" our brain.
When you get that dopamine hit, you're happy.

It Reduces Pain and Inflammation.
Use this statement with caution though, as "not tonight honey, I have a headache", could actually elevate into a migraine if you induce a g-spot orgasm.
Luckily most people that have sex with a mild headache see an improvement or complete relief.
Sex releases oxytocin, the same chemical that helps mothers and babies bond (aww), so snuggle up and if you dont orgasm, at least enjoy the bonding time.

Sex Improves Your Memory Retention And Increases Brain Cells
Maybe PETA should back off a little bit and stop trying to rescue lab rats, because being in this sex study sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.
So a couple of scientists got a bunch of chronically stressed rats and ran some tests on their memory retention with obect recognition, spatial memory and object location.
The males failed on all counts (no surprises there) and females had a slight increase in spatial memory.
Then they induced sex for the rats and found that both male and female had significant results including an increase in brain cells.
Similar results were found in humans.

How about "fake sex"?
Interestingly, they tested humans brain functions whilst viewing porn and noticed a decline in "working memory" (the process of mentally juggling multiple items).
There was not enough evidence to conclude that porn rots your brain on a long term scale and albeit for me as a owner of an escort directory that has porn stars on it, I am definitely not suggesting porn is a detriment to the brain.
On the contrary, as an escort and one that knows many more and their clientele types, these tests show me that porn and sex will compliment the brain.

Porn is disctraction when you're otherwise fuzzy in the head.
Sex is the cure.
Its like when you are too distracted to know that you were hungry until the next Snickers commercial came on.

So if "you're not you when you're hungry" go do something about and get back to work with smile on your face and a couple of extra brain cells!

By Eden Love