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Sydney is Australia’s best known city. When you meet people while overseas, most of them either know about or have been to Sydney.

What makes this city so special? For me, it’s the ability to have the choice of a beach, harbor, culture, botanical gardens and the city within minutes of each other. Sydney’s options for entertainment is endless.

Sydney's escort selection is the best and biggest in Australia by far. 

Sydney is huge and you simply need an entire month to explore and see what Sydney really has to offer. More if you wish to visit all the reptuable Sydney escorts. But what if you only had one day? Well here is my list of MUST do’s in Sydney.


Circular Quay:

You must visit Circular Quay and enjoy the harbor for all its glory. Circular Quay is where the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge is located. If you’re the luxury type and entertaining your escort while visiting Sydney, you can enjoy this beautiful outlook at Aria sipping champagne. This is a very romantic date with your Sydney escort.

If you prefer a closer look at Sydney’s iconic Harbor, you can climb the Harbor Bridge. I bet if you asked one of the adventure loving escorts based in Sydney to join you, they would in a heart beat. I personally know Vivienne Black is up for the thrill seeking experience. Vivienne Black is one of Sydney’s best-known escorts. 

Bondi Beach:

Do you like people watching? Then you will love Bondi Beach. There is so much to do and see in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Bondi is a place where you can enjoy delicious ice cream and be entertained simply by watching people pass you by. Bondi is spoilt for choice with restaurants, but one of my personal favorites is Ice Bergs because it overlooks the pristine waters and makes for a memorable dinner date with your escort. Sydney escorts also love going to the beach, so you will certainly enjoy having a sexy beach babe hanging from your arm if your into swimming in the ocean.

Ferry to Manly:

When I think of Manly, I think of the journey to Manly. You can catch one of Sydney’s iconic Ferry’s to Manly and be amazed by beautiful Sydney. The scenery is a photographers dream and the destination is even better. Manly Beach is just beautiful, it’s a little more chilled out compared to Bondi Beach but it’s certainly a place to go visit. If you have organized for your escort to accompany you, please make sure you pack a picnic so you can laze around beachside and watch the world go by together.

I hope you enjoyed my must see’s in Sydney if you only had one day. It certainly is a favorite place to visit, especially when you’re with your favorite escort enjoying each other’s company. Australia is so lucky to have so many amazing places to visit and escorts to spend intimate time with.