MALE ESCORT: The Profession.

MALE ESCORT: The Profession.

Posted On 31/03/2016 by Admin

Today there are more and more young people wishing to engage in booking a male escort for women. Often lulled by soft cliché and fantasies fed by the media, some of them come with lots of ideas on the subject and often confuse the male escort profession for women with a role of pure seductive.

Is it necessary to specify that a high end male escort service is not quite an activity like any other?

Becoming a male escort presupposes a number of moral and intellectual qualities and a good deal of professional rigor. Sometimes friend, often a confidant, a male escort needs to build a real understanding of the situation in order to adapt to different types of scenarios all the while focusing on one goal: to ensure the well-being of his client.

In recent years, we see a spectacular increase in demand for this type of service. That answers part of a double phenomenon: firstly, the dissolution of the traditional family model which tends to increase the number of women living a celibate assumed, on the other hand the changing role of women in our society, focuses more on her career at the expense of traditional family life. These conditions, tell "structural", means that the demand for male escort is widely expected to increase in the coming years and reach more and more people.

Strong, independent, contemporary women know exactly what they want and wish to go to the essentials while keeping total control of the situation. What we offer? "A moment of complicity no consequence," that is, without the inconveniences of a conventional relationship. The perceived value of such a service is extremely strong, some are willing to pay the price, which makes this profession one of the most profitable in the service sector to the person.

If the physical appearance remains an important criteria, the most important is having a great personality capable of creating the conditions for a true moment of complicity.

Individually, the qualities necessary to become a qualified male escort are relatively traditional, yet the challenge is to find the individual that will combine all these qualities at once.

Often, women using these services aim to address loneliness (during a business trip, for example) or to appear in public in gallant company (at a cocktail party or a wedding for example).

Male escort for women: man 4 in 1!

In all cases, at least four qualities are essential:


Impeccable presentation:

Impeccable presentation does not mean that you should definitely look like a Hollywood star. We speak here of the presentation only. A consistent look, a neat appearance are all criteria that will be scrutinized by your customers who ultimately pay for excellent service. We recall here that this criterion, if necessary, is far from enough.

A real quality of listening:

The listening quality is fundamental to be a male escort. A woman who will use your services sometimes intends to appear, but very often it is, to get real company. In this case she wants to share her experiences, emotions ... You have to listen. In fact, you have to love being in contact with the person and really try to understand.

Intellectual curiosity:

Whatever your job, general knowledge is an important asset. However, as a male escort, you are likely to find yourself in the middle of a conversation on a specific topic. Obviously, no one asked you to know everything about everything, but you must be able to clearly answer a thread that you do not necessarily control.

Availability and adaptability:

Clients can use your service 24/7. You will have to put everything in place to meet their expectations when they wish. We do not ask you to be available 24/7, however you must be flexible and always have a valid passport.