Posted On 08/09/2016 by AA Admin

Available Angels is home to a huge variety of escorts, each with a very unique escort name that the escorts choose themselves. 

We all are given a name at birth and are expected to keep that name through thick and thin! Becoming an escort allows ladies and Gents to choose a special name, any name they want – it can be influenced by personal experiences or even chosen with a business head on.

Names are so important, before you meet anyone you know their name and are from that point on making subconscious associations with what they may or may not look like thus drawing a picture in your head. These expectations are rarely accurate because, as the old saying goes – never judge a book by its cover!! Escorts have this unique opportunity to create almost a new persona, a second name means a second life.

Brisbane based escorts tend to use more unique escorting names, Scarlett, Marcella and Aubrey to name a few… These names could for all I know be the escorts real names – either way they are unique, beautiful and allow clients to connect on a personal level. I believe this is due to the clientele based here in Brisbane.

When we look over at Sydney escorts we can see some very catching names such as – Vivienne, Summer and Cece! These names are also very lovely and catchy! My personal belief is that escort names are the escorts main marketing tool. Some may argue but having the chance to choose a new name for career purposes you’d surely choose a name that in this case could be associated with the job.

Some escorts opt for a more personal name that means something to them specifically – it allows an escort to be a little creative and have fun whilst establishing themselves. It’s been known that some escorts do often have multiple working names, this allows them to have multiple escort personas.

For male escorts, it’s very common to see simple names such as James. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite – males tend to like things black and white and when choosing a name it’s usually best to use something simple and effective!

I’m fascinated by escort names and love to hear about how they are chosen… All escorts I’ve met have a lovely story about their name choice and they probably don’t very often get to share that story.

It’s also common for escorts to have to change their escort name, this could be because of problematic client or such. Although it’s a shame for escorts to be put in this position, it’s also nice to know they can always adjust their main form of identity (name) when things get rough. The downside to this is some escorts work very hard to build up a reputable name and client base – so much so that changing it isn’t really an option. Escorts do need to be careful in their line of work and I would never wish an escort to be in a situation like this.

Personally, my favourite escort names are those that involve colours. I have a creative attraction to colours and tend to associate them with wonderful things.

In conclusion, all escorts are entitled to choose whatever name they desire and that’s what makes them so unique.