Posted On 29/07/2016 by Admin

With reference to no escorts in particular I have taken a look at some of the different types of escorts advertised on twitter and Available Angels. I am new to the adult industry and I am trying to  differentiate between escort types. There seems to be a two distinct types. Plastic looking escort and natural looking escorts.

What attracts are man's attention? 

Plastic may be considered an offensive word by some. However, I just see it as a choice and a great marketing angle for escorts who wish to go down that avenue. They present themselves as the fantasy glamor woman who is undeniably flawless and unattainable in real life. 

Escorts unlike other professions hold their image in very high regard because it’s essentially how they get work. The images are like the bait, they capture a man's attention before anything else. The process of dolling oneself up to impress a potential client is very important for all escorts in the industry! 

Not to mention that escorts are selling a fantasy and the Barbie doll look is a highly sought after fantasy girl.

There are fake boobs, lash extensions, tattooed makeup or even tight lingerie to enhance their figure. There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s often very pleasing on the eye, most men including myself are drawn to these features before anything else even crosses our minds.

Men are visual creatures, can you really blame us for being attracted to a beautiful escort? 

I love the fact that escorts put so much effort into their appearance, it’s not just time believe me! The price of the clothes and underwear these ladies purchase would make you quiver! Those busty high boobs are such an amazing feature that most woman dream of having, escorts do tend to make the most of this feature – propping them up with expensive bra’s and various other obscure garments! These beautiful escorts certainly do have my attention.

On the other end of the spectrum I look at all naturally beautiful escorts and notice that they are fewer in number but still very very successful. The rawness and glow they portray give a sense of realness that I can relate to. In fact, I asked around a little and it turns out most men would prefer the intimacy and love of a naturally beautiful escort.

Men who request no make up and casual clothes are looking for a genuine girlfriend experience. I feel like this may make the experience more real for certain clients that these escorts have flaws just like them. The unattainable perfect look is just not attractive to a man who wants an escort to mimic a girlfriend experience.

There is something really beautiful about an imperfectly perfect escort who is happy to portray herself in quest to attract the perfect client for her. I personally know a bunch of different escorts around Brisbane and can draw many similarities with Sydney escorts. However one massive difference is that escorts in Sydney tend to focus more on their female ‘assets’ e.g. boobs, ass and face. I can only think this must be because the escort market in Sydney is so competitive with the porn star fantasy look in high demand. 

Anyway, whether you’re all natural or plastic, each to their own and it seems that men love both types of escorts for different reasons! Especially in the highly competitive world of female escorts!