Posted On 04/08/2016 by AA Staff

Joe’s guide on how to book an escort. 

Advice is valuable and in most cases, particularly the escort industry, advice is priceless. In order for you as a client to be appreciated, taken seriously and most importantly respected I would strongly suggest taking on board my 5 tips to booking an escort. It might be what seals the booking for you.

1. Don’t be nervous on the phone, email or text message.

Escorts are used to dealing with people on a day to day basis – they’re usually quite extraverted and very comfortable in any social environment. So if you exude confidence when initiating first contact it will make a hell of a difference for your escorts confidence too, in turn improving everybody’s time! Booking an escort can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time but please try remember these ladies are professionals and they are experts in making men feel comfortable! If you aren’t naturally confident here’s a tip – Just before you call to book your potential escort think of a time you were most happy or proud of yourself. Remember, escorts are humans too! Just remember to provide your name, booking details and use your manners.


Escorts advertise on a huge number of websites, escort directory and social media platforms! There are bags upon bags of information about any given escort littering the web, don’t be arrogant and put in some research! All escorts I know are very professional when it comes to client interaction so it’s quite hard to tell if they’re actually enjoying themselves or not however a way to ensure they’re enjoying themselves is SHOWING YOU CARE! I’ll say it again - escorts are human too – they love to be wooed, flattered and most importantly talk about something of mutual interest! Escort websites and Available Angels profile will provide enough information to give you an idea on what your escort enjoys.

3. Subtly or not I believe when booking an escort, it’s important to state what it is you want!

Escorts take their job very seriously and just like everyone else they like to turn up prepared! Tell your potential escort what services or special requests you may want. We all know in the heat of the moment one may wish to attempt something way out of their comfort zone but if this is the case then communicate with your escort before the booking! This also stops that awkward moment halfway through of discussing prices for additional services.

4. Wash!

I don’t care if you clean sewers for a living there is absolutely no reason for any man to avoid cleanliness when acting upon a booking with their escort! Escorts spend hours making themselves glamorous and pretty for you the very least you can do is make sure you are clean and smell free!

5. Finally, BE POLITE!

I cannot emphasise how important this is. Remember YOU are booking an escort! They don’t have to say yes, in fact if you come across even slightly rude you may find yourself listening to a monotonous dial tone! Manners cost nothing and just because you’re paying for their services doesn’t entitle you to act like an insolate fool. Remember escorts talk to each other about undesirable clients, don’t make your reputation a bad one or you may find the booking process close to impossible! 

Thanks for reading my tips for booking an escort. We have some beautiful escorts on Available Angels available for bookings.  I wish you the best of luck!