JOE'S BLOG ON ADELAIDE (escort night out)

JOE'S BLOG ON ADELAIDE (escort night out)

Posted On 15/09/2016 by AA Admin

Joe’s blog on Adelaide


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. One of the most thought evoking and wonderful things that Adelaide is less commonly known for is the fact Adelaide was the first place in Australia to allow nude swimming. For many free spirited people this did Adelaide the world of good – encouraging a vast number of visitor’s year on year. Adelaide drastically started to gain a very liberal and left wing reputation when it came to socially acceptable behaviour. This is why Adelaide is now recognised as one of Australia’s most unique and fun destinations, to live or to holiday.


Adelaide is renowned for its vast number of churches. It is home to an incredible number of very unique and beautifully built churches. This is quite a strange but also very interesting fact, as Australia on a whole doesn’t hold much history in comparison to other westernised countries, the churches within Adelaide are a unique and spiritual way for the city of Adelaide to connect to a very old religion, Christianity.


Adelaide, much like Brisbane is a very small city. This has led to its reputation as the city you can cross in a mere 25 minutes. In fact it is known that you can get pretty much everywhere of any significance within Adelaide in 25 minutes – this would be impossible in Sydney. Adelaide is home to a some very exquisite and lovely sights, being so close together allows you to visit all these sites in one day, making Adelaide one of the most accessible cities in Australia.


All in all, Adelaide is a seriously wonderful place and I would greatly encourage anyone with a keen interest to go and visit Adelaide, particularly see the sites and make use of the incredibly accessible city. Adelaide is a great place to open your mind and spiritually relax for a long weekend. Take advantage of its tranquil and loving reputation!