Posted On 26/10/2016 by AA Admin

Blog on Interviewing escorts.


The interview process can come in many different forms. The two most important factors that I always acknowledge are the interviewees personal opinions and their interests. People generally don’t enjoy writing about themselves and that’s no different for escorts, however if you keep your questions thought provoking and interesting for the escort in this case, then you’ll end up with a great interview!



Before I took this job I never knew what it was like for an escort on a booking! Now I understant exactly what it’s like, and that’s thanks to the wonderful escorts that I have interviewed through Available Angels. Albeit the industry is built upon discretion and secrecy – this doesn’t mean that escort aren’t allowed to share some of their most intimate and interesting stories, as long as no names are used and no references to anything about a person’s physical appearance I believe it’s all good!


Following on from my above paragraph – escorts need to tell these stories! It really does work as an additional marketing tool that captures the imagination of potential clients. It also encourages other escorts to share familiar stories, when done in good spirits this boosts moral and creates a healthy, vibrant and fun feeling within the escort industry!


I have spent hours writing interviews! Some escorts are easier to write about than others, this usually comes down to how open an escort is. All escorts operate differently and each to their own – some prefer to be very mysterious and veiled others like to broadcast all their feelings, emotions and thoughts… Either way, I can always write suitable questions for any given escort and they almost always give me excellent answers! Before I took this job I had never been exposed to the sex industry, rendering me helpless and judgemental whenever the topic came up… Now I have a wealth of knowledge and I couldn’t be happier!


One final point I’d like to make is that escorts who take part in these interviews almost always get some sort of positive feedback, be it from clients, peers or just the general public! It’s incredibly interesting to read about some of these escort’s personal experiences, goals and political views and I laud you, as a mere escort directory assistant in charge of conducting these interviews, if you would like to take part in an interview for us here at Available Angles do make contact and we’ll gladly get those questions written and sent your way!


Thanks to all the escorts who have been involved in interviews for me so far! I hope if you’re reading this you can click the link below and take a look at some the interviews Available Angels has conducted so far.