Instant Booking Button - We Bring Available Escorts Right To Your Inbox

Instant Booking Button - We Bring Available Escorts Right To Your Inbox

Posted On 23/08/2016 by AA Staff

The scope of this blog is to highlight for our clients, the Booking Request service.

This service suits clients who wish to book an escort on demand for instant bookings and also for those looking to book in advance.

We take the hassle out of doing the ring around by allowing the client to send out a bulk booking request to all escorts in his/her city.

The escort can either tap on their Available Angels app to showcase their availability or contact the client directly to arrange a booking for later.

Exclusive to Available Angels, the Booking Request Service is loved by our Australian escort clients who have limited time.

Available Angels swiftly connects clients to escorts.

So you're a busy guy/girl on the go? What is your current option to book an escort right now?

Easy! Visit Available Angels and you can see who is available right now for an immediate booking.
Our website runs in real-time so you can be assured that the escort who is advertised as Available Now, is in fact available now for your instant booking.

So what's so great about the Booking Request button then?

You can use this service to send out a bulk request to every escort in your city that you are looking to make an instant booking. You can also set a time for later and book in advance.
Sometimes escorts might not be tapped on as Avaiailable Now, but then they receive your notification of intention to book, they may tap on their availability to showcase they are willing to receive your booking.
The great thing about this is if you have a quick minute, you can view all the profiles as they start to come online.
We like to call this a virtual showroom.

Touching base and Consultative Service!

If you would like to be contacted by the escort, she/he may also choose to touch base with you and ask you more questions about the booking or if the escort is not available today, they often offer you to contact them another time.
Its a nice personal touch!
Our Angels take great pride in their communication, and Available Angels is the platform in which the client and escort can communicate most effectively.

This is fantastic for the travelling client and time poor.

We have regular clients using the booking request button to line up availability for an advanced booking.
Sometimes their business meeting cancels and your afternoon opens up for fun.
Often our travelling clients send out their booking request before they get to their destination so they can be ready to take bookings on arrival. And who says men arent organised? lol

Plans for the future...

We will be refining this system very soon. Stay tuned!

Hit the BOOK NOW button and enjoy our unique butler service to bring you the best Available Escorts in Australia!