Posted On 25/01/2017 by AA Admin

How to wow an escort in Sydney.

There are plenty of things to do in Sydney, it’s a city that has no boundaries but you must be willing and able to put your hand in your pocket and pull out all the stops. I recently read an article about the Sydney housing market, apparently the average price for a home has now peaked to $1.2 million. Think of that what you will but what I take from that is there’s too many people in Sydney with far too much bloody money!!

By booking a Sydney escort or escorts (plural) that’s right book two escorts or three escorts or four! You don’t only have the largest selection of Australian escorts to choose from, you are also blessed with some of the most beautiful woman on the planet. Why sit back and let them pass you buy? Get on Available Angels and start browsing for the next Available escort in Sydney and get her booked in for an after work dinner and drinks! Begin with a 3 course meal - loaded with plenty of champagne. Then retire upstairs to one of Sydney’s luxurious penthouse hotel rooms overlooking the Sydney Harbour. Your charm will only last until the bedroom then you’re in the hands of one of Sydney’s professional sexperts – that’s right I spliced sex and expert – SEXPERT!


So, you’ve done the dinner and drinks before! You’re bored, you want to really impress an escort. Book a god damn yacht! Invite whoever the hell you want and go anchor in the Sydney Harbour! Fill your escort with overpriced bubbly then proceed to whip those Ralph Lauren pants off and skinny dip with your stunning escort companion! What better way to spend a Sunday! They often say Sunday is a day of rest… I disagree, Sunday is a day for booze, boats and busty blonde escorts!


There is one more option I have in my head… An escorts ultimate dream. Why not charter a private plane or helicopter! Take your beautiful escort away from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney upper crust. Land on unexplored territories, vacant beaches with endless swirls of bleach blonde sand. You’ll be the only two people in the world, no hourly rate to think of, no pressing deadlines, just limitless tranquillity for two deserving people. Now, this may cost a pretty penny but for those few days you’ll feel priceless and so will your escort.


Adventure, romance and excitement all these words are dangerously overused. They say Romance is an excitement that lasts forever, I disagree wholeheartedly – nothing lasts forever that’s why you’ve to grab every moment of passion, lust and sexual desire before it skates on by for the next eager gentlemen. Book and Escort now with Available Angels!


Thank you for reading, truly.