Posted On 30/06/2016 by Philip Pluckrose

Brisbane escorts are independant private escorts or they work in an establishment. Some Brisbane escorts are available both privately and through an establishment. Agencies are illegal in Queensland so this is not an option for Brisbane escorts. The laws governing Queensland sex workers are unique and you need to understand some simple guidelines when you book a Brisbane escort or a Queensland escort for that matter. Below are some simple tips to adhere to when booking a brisbane escort;  

1. Do not ask for Natural services. These are illegal;

If you request natural services from a Brisbane escort or a Queensland escort, you will not get a response or you will be denied a booking. Most Brisbane escorts and Queensland escorts understand that BBBJ's (bareback blowjobs) are legal in New South Whales, but in Queensland they are illegal. Please DO NOT request natural services at all to ensure your booking enquiry is successful. 

2. Do not ask for a Double booking. It is illegal in Queensland. You must be entirely independant private escort in Queensland;

In Queensland, Brisbane private escorts are not allowed to promote or offer double bookings with other escorts. In establishments, you are allowed to book two escorts at one time. Please do not ask Brisbane private escorts for double bookings. Couple bookings are allowed and available in Queensland if you wish to book a Brisbane escort to spice up your married sex life.  

3. Please be discreet when entering and exiting In Call premises or establishments in Brisbane;

In Queensland, Brisbane escorts are allowed to take bookings from their private residence or hotel accomodation. However, it is considered extremely rude to not follow the entry directions EXACTLY. Your Brisbane escort does not want you interupting anyone while making your way to her apartment. You must remain discreet and quiet at all times. If you get lost, simply sms or phone your Brisbane escort and ask for further intructions on how to locate the private escort's apartment. 

In Queensland, Brisbane escorts are also allowed to work out of approved establishments or parlours. Establishments are usually found in industrial zones so do not fret if it looks a little stale from the outside. When you enter the establishemnt, you will be greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist can help you make your booking request. Please only request a meet and greet if you are a genuine client. Ladies who work in establishments are only interested in spending their time with genuine clients and are to busy to have their time wasted. Ladies understand that every client may not book, but you will be quickly branded a 'timewaster' if you make a habit of requesting a meet and greet without going through with a booking. 

4. practise common courtesy when contacting and meeting a Brisbane escort;

Brisbane escorts are normally allowing you to enter their personal residence so practising good manners throughout the booking process is the key. Please read your Brisbane escort's profile and ensure you know their preferred method of contact.  Please ensure you give your Brisbane escort your name, preferred booking time, duration, and any other requests in your intitial contact email or SMS. If your Brisbane escort prefers you make a phone call, please ensure you are in a quiet place and be polite at all times. Timewasters exist in all markets, but in Brisbane, escorts are very concerned about their privacy and safety due to the strict laws, they want to ensure their clients are gentleman. 

Please ensure you arrive on time for your booking and if your late, please contact your Brisbane escort to notify her of your arrival time. It is rude to expect that your Brisbane escort be available to accomodate your lateness, so be preapred to forfiet a portion of your allocated booking time. Obviously, this is the gentleman's way to deal with lateness and no doubt you will be respected and apprecaited greatly for not expecting your Brisbane escort to stay outside of the agreed booking time. Who knows, she might just stay with you a littler longer if she is able to do so. 

Brisbane is a wonderful place to visit, especialy in the colder months as it has wonderful weather. I am certain that all the beautiful Brisbane escorts on offer will keep you entertained. I am certain a true gentleman will find punting in Brisbane an absolute pleasure so please don't fret about the above tips. They are simply there to remind punters that each state is different and it is important to ensure you remain polite at all times.