Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

Posted On 06/09/2017 by AA Admin

It’s with great pleasure that I get to write this blog. I’d love to valiantly discuss the arduous process that Available Angel’s has gone through to get our recent developments done. I’d also like to take the time in this short blog to thank all our eager advertisers for hanging in there and believing in our vision, as the light grows brighter at the end of the tunnel it’s clear that the support from all you beautiful escorts is right there with us.

From small humble beginnings to an advanced technological upgrade, Available Angels has seen it all – the platform that we love so dearly has seen seldom highs and plenty lows, that said the frequent dips in moral and motivation are what get you up in the morning. We have stuck it out and ground through and soon we’ll be able to show off all our hard work and reveal Australia’s most aesthetically pleasing escort directory.

With the help programmers, designers and developers we have managed to turn a dream into a reality and it’s all for you. Introducing client to escort in the most efficient and convenient way possible has always been our goal, but plugging the losses seen in the last minute market leads the way within our innovation mission. Let’s hope all of our customers see the benefits when we launch our much anticipated changes.

For AA your feedback is key, we are not too proud or stubborn to accept feedback, in fact we welcome it with open arms! When the changes are made we’d love it if you could relay any helpful critic back to us – after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. With the help of both Private Independent Escorts and Agency Escorts we will make sure that Available Angels provides clients with a huge variety of escorts show casing their availability in real time.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the launch in Mid-September, that doesn’t apply to just escorts and clients but all other interested parties.

Thank you for reading,

Team AA xx