Get Down To Sexpo!

Get Down To Sexpo!

Posted On 05/08/2017 by AA Admin


Being a virgin, not a real virgin but definitely a sexpo virgin, I have struggled to get my head around the the concept, turns out all I needed to do was put in some research.

Like all things within the sex industry, a shady veil is upheld by the conservative general public, making information on it either hard to find or cruelly manipulated. Well, turns out this year’s Brisbane Sexpo convention is actually quite well publicised, I’ve even seen advertisements on the back of buses. There are a number of Private Escorts who have stalls, banners and booths set up at Sexpo I’m fortunate enough to deal with them on a regular basis through Available Angels but for those who want to get to know some of Brisbane’s most renowned escorts you MUST go to the Sexpo convention for a meet and greet. If it’s the chiselled body of Jake Ryan you’re after or the vivacious Elle knox, Sexpo has an abundance of high profile names attending – so don’t miss out!  

The event shouldn’t be considered anything but a gathering of open-minded and liberal individuals all brought together to celebrate sexuality, lifestyle and health! If you’ve ever had a sexual curiosity then head along and ask some questions, you’re guaranteed to meet some of Brisbane’s most sexually adventurous people! For some, the idea of exploring certain sexual avenues can be awfully daunting, that shouldn’t be the case but unfortunately social stigma overrules personal preference – leaving a lot of erotic ideas caged to wither and die with a prudent upper lip. It’s events like Sexpo that really unleash the spirituality that’s involved with sex; understanding the lifestyle benefits, mood effects and decreased stress levels that regular sex brings people is fascinating.

Anyway, for those ladies and gentlemen who may be thinking of going but are struggling to find the confidence I strongly recommend you take the plunge and head down to Brisbane’s convention centre – the only thing you’ll struggle to find down there is judgement, believe me if there were ever a time to step outside your comfort zone, THIS IS IT!

Thanks for reading.

Team AA xxx