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They were displayed before in the newspaper. They now use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Let’s talk about the 2.0 escorts services.

On profile of an escort, messages follow one another, revealing the measurements of escort and services that she offers. The style is direct, concise. No need 140 characters to be understood. The system is well established: a tweet is sent when a new escort comes online. A simple click, you get her photo and profile. Another click and you can subscribe and make an appointment with the escort of your choice.

"We use Twitter every day to promote escort’s availability as well as welcome the new girls and guys. It also allows me to announce their Tour and inform customers when making changes," tells Kimber Slone & Eden Love, Directors of Available Angels Directory Website.

A few years ago, the relay on social networks remained an option. Today it is included in the online directory services. This does not prevent the escort to have its own website. Moreover, customers love it. In short, the strategy is to increase the number of networks to be visible to the maximum and attract potential customers.

Different networks, different rules

"The permissiveness of what can be published varies depending on the social network. If nudity is forbidden on Facebook, it is tolerated elsewhere. Twitter has a policy less limited, "says Virginie Levraud, an expert in social networks.

For her, not surprising to see the industry take this way, beyond questions of morality. "People who provide services go where the customer is located. As these are networks that are used by millions of people, they say there is a potential market. Some escorts go one step further, and have professional social networks on LinkedIn! "She adds.

For as long as the internet has been around, the sex industry has been closely following. It is not uncommon for many escorts to have their own website, and it is essential to advertise on an escort directory to invite their customers to follow. With a paid subscription on sites such as Available Angels, customers can keep in touch with photos and videos, subscribe to escort’s last minute availability and receive notifications of upcoming tours and when they are Available Now. Conversely, some of the porn stars have created web sites and even went to meet their fans for sex. It is played both ways, and porn stars combine escort services with their porn career.

But even if they pass the 2.0 era, escorts don’t necessarily run additional risks, however. The same laws apply to social networks. This is not different than classified ads.

Escorts minting their company and what happens next is the result of an agreement between two consenting adults.

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