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Escorts come in all shapes, ages, and sizes. Escorts also work under different business structures also. We have private escorts, agency escorts, escorts with assistants and escorts with escort mentors. All of our Available Angel escorts are in demand. Why? clients love variety. No shoe fits all.

Enjoy reading about all the different types of escorts you will find on Available Angels. Do you like many different categories? Or do you have a type? Either way, enjoy reading about the huge variety of escorts that Available Angels is proud to promote. 



Available Angels is home to a variety of escorts, differing in almost all physical forms. There is also a huge gap in their age! Escorts as young as 18 use Available Angels and they use it to the maximum of its ability. I suppose being a young escort means you’re hungry to get ahead of the game and gain as much experience as possible. This is quite apparent when we see which escorts are tapping on as ‘available now’, although we have a large number of ladies and gents making use of our special feature, it does tend to be the younger escorts that use the feature most frequently.

Young escorts around Australia do have a niche market that they are essentially gifted, clients who want a young, bubbly and eager escort will solely be focusing on booking an escort late teens or early twenties. Young escorts on Available Angels are always very interested to learn from more seasoned escorts, advice is priceless in this industry and escorts do help each other out to the maximum. In the case of many escorts, age is just a number but when it comes to bookings it turns out that number is very important.

The general consensus is that booking are made by older men looking to blow off some steam – this isn’t wholly true, young men do also book escorts on a regular basis and they often enjoy the company of a younger escort. This is why available angels thrives in the market, young men living busy, hectic working lives need to make short notice bookings!

By using available angels for these bookings young, available escorts can get these bookings hassle free! It’s a win win for both client and escort!

Please view Cece Reign, our rising young star available for adult services via Available Angels. 



I personally have the upmost respect for mature escorts, they are always extremely classy, polite and lovely to talk with. I put this down to life experiences within the escort industry.

These attributions overflow to clients too… When booking a mature escort through Available Angels you know you’re getting an escort with a naturally mature approach to a booking, making the experience seem that little bit more relaxed and normal. When the marketing of a younger escort is likely to focus primarily on the physical forms, a more mature escort will more often than not focus on special services they’ve mastered or even the humble nature of a truly loving companion.

Not all clients want a blow job from a pretty girl, some do fantasize about togetherness, warmth and love – it is for this reason that mature escorts have such a unique as special job in today’s developed world. Mature escorts really do offer a more honest and humble service to clients, this isn’t to say younger escorts aren’t honest, I’m merely stating that psychologically it’s much easier to relax and fall into a sense of vulnerability with a mature escort.

With this said, it is very clear that older escorts are very much in charge, not in a domineering way, however a more controlled and suggestive way – this is due to their experience and knowledge of the industry. I personally feel by booking a mature escort you can’t go wrong, their ability to please is incomparable.

Please have a look through our mature escorts on AA, a perfect example would be Cleo Imeros, Nikki Cox and Di Queensland. All of our mature escorts have a wealth of life experience and sexual stamina to keep up with any gent that fancies a cougar/milf. 



Many Australian escorts are expanding their network of clients and touring. Some of our beautiful escorts seem to literally live on the road traveling all the major cities of Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Our escorts even make it to the UK and USA. In order to be a touring escort, you need to be hard working, adaptable and driven.

It might sound glamorous but there's early morning flights, red eye trips back home and the all uncomfortable sleep in hotels.

Available Angels love touring escorts as we designed our system to ensure our touring escorts could fill their schedule quickly with last-minute bookings. Touring escorts have a lot of expenses and need to be busy in order to have a profitable tour. Available Angels is always trying to give touring escorts the most exposure in order to assist their booked tours.

We dedicate an entire page to our Touring escorts here http://www.availableangels.com.au/tours



Busty escorts are highly sought after but not difficult to find. Men love all types of escorts, but busty escorts seem to draw the most attention. It's like our viewers on Available Angels are hypnotized by the cleavage devouring their smart phone screens. Escorts also love to play up to the busty escort title and wear push up bra's to enhance their bust line further.

Topless images are readily available on Available Angels to attract the client looking for a busty escort. I would love to name all our beautiful busty escorts on Available Angels but there are simply to many to list. Please view our beautiful gallery of Available escorts here www.availableangels.com.au



A pregnant escort is a rare find. Pregnancy is such a special time for women that few rarely share their experience through escorting. The pregnant look is certainly a fetish/fantasy more men than you might actually thing. Why? Well, some just find pregnant escorts sexier.

Some men have never been given the chance to be intimate with a pregnant woman and want to find out. Booking a pregnant escort is the perfect alternative so they never have to leave this world wondering what they missed out on. Some clients find that the pregnant escort exudes a glow, something special.

Our very own Eden Love is our pregnant escort and she is literally glowing while she grows her beautiful belly for all of our viewers to experience. 



What is a celebrity escort? It's someone who is a household name in the adult industry and in the general public. Our very own famous Christine McQueen is the one and only Celebrity escort we promote. She regularly features in all the major men's magazines, gossip columns, major news papers and live TV panels.

My personal favorite was Christine's documentary on her personal life. It was so intimate and she certainly shared the vulnerable side we rarely see through the glossy advertising images. She is one interesting woman and a must to book and see. When your in her presence, you feel like royalty as the Queen is pleasuring you.

I can't wait until we can watch Christine McQueen on reality TV. I have very high hopes for our very own Queen of escorts. At the very least, a book or movie about her story would be amazing and very interesting. We love Christine McQueen and feel she is certainly the only Australian escort worthy of the celebrity escort title.



Porn star escorts are celebrities in their own right. In the adult world, they are household names. These girls are professionals inside and outside of the bedroom and sex is the commodity they sell. They are capitalizing on bookings with clients, dildo's, flesh light deals, condom deals, magazine features, membership royalties etc.

This is a business to them and they do an exceptional job at up keeping with porn star escort title while making exceptional income along the way.

 I can only imagine that it must be a real kick for clients to finally be apart of their very own porn scene with the porn star escort they have watched many times prior. Here at Available Angels we have so many reputable porn star escorts, both male and female.

If your interested in seeing a female porn star escort, than I suggest you check out Lucie Bee, Summer Knight and Mia Monroe as they have an excellent reputation at providing the best porn star experience. 



When booking an escort, clients have many different preferences.

The most obvious difference with regard to agency escorts is that the agency pretty much does the looking for you - simply state what you're interested in and they'll provide you with what they think is the perfect escort match. Some clients opt to take this rout, albeit maybe a little less effort it doesn't always work out for the best.

Clients also search through many independent escorts, reading escort profiles and adverts is all part of the process!

What better way to book an escort than read up and even look at their pictures. I personally believe escorts appreciate it a lot when a client turns up knowing a little about the escort he/she has booked. Escort agencies are often boutique, keeping only a few escorts on their books allows the agency to work with a much higher success rate, this keeps all parties happy.

Agency Atlantic is an excellent example of this, the Atlantic girls are highly sought after and offer some wonderfully unique services that not all escorts can offer. 



Escort assistants are fast becoming a popular trend. Independent private escorts hire escort assistants to ensure their escort business is deemed as reputable and professional. Nothing is missed when you have an escort assistant facilitating the administration side of the escort industry. 

The Available Angels team deals with escort assistants and we feel our system is best suited for escort assistants are focused on ensuring their private escort's schedules are meeting the daily budgets and their availability schedule. I would like to make special mention of Hannah the assistant as she ensures the girls she works for are always busy when they have a gap in their schedule.

The Available Angels team notices how focused Hannah is on meeting her escorts availability expectations and budget quotas. Yes, all escorts have target to meet. Being an escort is like every other industry and we need to ensure our availability is maximized. Our escort assistant Hannah is brilliant at doing this. 



Another trend is emerging, escort mentors who assist new escorts brand correctly or establish escorts to re-brand.

Our Darling Vivienne Black is a highly sought after escort mentor. And it comes to no surprise. All the escorts she has mentored have become very successful and represent themselves in such a professional manner. I personally think escort mentors are worth their weight in GOLD! Why? When you first start out in the industry, it's all so daunting.

You have no idea how to present yourself, what to charge or where to tour. The money you spend on making mistakes could be invested into an escort mentor who will guide you on how to maximize your exposure as a new escort in Australia or overseas.

If your thinking of becoming an escort or your looking to re-brand and wish to explore the options of what an escort mentor could provide, I highly recommend Vivienne Black our  leading private escort and escort mentor. 



All of our beautiful escorts on Available Angels offer some form of fetish service. Be it the mild school girl fantasy, naughty nurse or foot fetish. To the more hardcore BDSM, bondage, torture, submissive type of fetish. Australian gents are so lucky because Australia has such a variety in the type of escorts available. While you might not think you have any type of fetishes, it's great to know that should you ever wish to explore your erotic thoughts further, Available Angels independent private escorts available to you. 



Straight male escorts are available to women and couples. On occasion, other escorts hire a male escort for a threesome/foursome booking request. Straight male escorts are growing in popularity as more women find themselves looking for something outside of the general relationship.

Straight male escorts tell me that their main client base are couples seeking a threesome, women looking to elicit an affair, single professionals who aren't interested in a relationship and women who haven't explored sexually before and wish to before they go out and start dating.

So much variety for such a small market, here at Available Angels we LOVE our straight male escorts available for bookings Australia wide. Ladies, if your reading this, please SUBSCRIBE to your favorite male escort and the next time they are available now, you might just be able to booty call them back to your house....

Exciting times ahead for our male escorts. 



Erotic massage escorts provide an affordable, intimate and relaxing adult service. The market for high class erotic massage escorts is growing and fast becoming highly sought after. Clients with demanding jobs that need a quick relaxation in between meetings are often found booking our beautiful erotic escorts.

Please note, escorts who specialize in erotic massage do not provide sex. But I doubt this will be an issue, as you will leave completely satisfied and relaxed. Our darling erotic massage escorts based in Brisbane are Chloe Stewart and Adrianna Dawson.

They are very much in demand but always open to a last-minute booking, so please ensure you subscribe to these wonderful ladies and when the timing is right, you to could be spending your lunch time all oiled up and completely relaxed indulging in a erotic massage with a very happy ending. 



BBW stands for big beautiful woman incase you ever wondered. Our BBW escorts are just delightful, sexy and confident women who LOVE their larger than life curves and market edge. What makes an escort a BBW escort? Well she is confident in her own skin, she LOVES her larger than life curves and isn't afraid to own the room or ravish the man she's with.

No insecurities here.  Not every man wants a skinny model like escort and I absolutely love the fact clients are embracing women of all shapes and sizes. I personally find escorts like Di Queensland from Brisbane so attractive as her confidence and sexuality oozes through her images.

Our darling Di Queensland also tours to Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities. Our other beautiful BBW escort from Townsville is Krissy Smith . Krissy is often found touring Australia as her curves are highly requested. So please ensure you touch base and make an enquiry today with Di Queensland and Krissy Smith.  



It was so much fun discussing all the different types of escorts Available Angels promotes Australia wide.

We absolutely LOVE the variety of escorts we get through our virtual doors. Our clients love this as well. If you have any type of escorts we should blog about, please email Available Angels team directly and let us know.

We can include it in our Part 2 of this blog.