Posted On 02/02/2017 by AA Admin

Are you an escort planning a tour? 

Look no further than Melbourne! This thriving city has without a doubt the most first world culture (as I like to call it) in Australia! Melbourne is home to a mixing pot of ethnic diversities, the streets are filled with a multitude of languages and accents. Melbourne as an escort would be an excellent choice to break your touring virginity – at least if the tour isn’t as successful as you’d planned you would still get to experience some of Australia’s more interesting places.

A wet pussy!! Yes, a wet pussy! Before you all leap to conclusions, a wet pussy in Melbourne is in fact a cocktail! A delicious, popular and almost famous alcoholic beverage! The contents I won’t disclose; you’ll have to experience it yourself.

Escorts in Melbourne are very much the most creative and outgoing, they tend to hold their city in quite high regard, with this comes their infamous ability to deviate from the societal map! I know of plenty Melbourne based escorts who explore different avenues alongside escorting. Avenues such as porn, art, tattoo obsessions and many more! I guess what I’m trying to say is Melbourne is a free loving, open minded city where expression is second nature to most people so you won’t feel strange or different if it’s your first time touring!

Go visit the oldest rollercoaster in the world! That’s right, built in 1911 this wonderful engineering feat is based in St Kilda. You can enjoy this historic ride and take in all the sights, smells and scenery! Or you can throw back a few wet pussys and really spice your rollercoaster experience up!

Melbourne escorts would probably advise you otherwise because all these options are trivial and lame! But being based in other Australian states we don’t tend to experience these things very often so I say make the most of it! Go jump aboard the tram for a 5-star extravaganza! Melbourne is home to one of the coolest restaurants in the world and you could be lucky enough to have a booking there if you plan it tactically!


As a private Melbourne escort, you must have a valid SWA to work in Victoria. This is very simple process. Simply visit Scarlet Alliance to read up on what's required. If you don't want to register as a sex worker, than Melbourne has some amazing brothels or establishments to work from. It's a chance to test the Melbourne waters and experience some culture all at once. Enjoy a working holiday in Melbourne. 

Also, Melbourne escorts have strict online advertising laws. Do not display yoour nipples, breasts, buttocks or any private parts. Keep it classy when in Melbourne. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my small insight into booking a Melbourne tour, or even just visiting the sleepless city! If you’re an escort or just reading this blog for fun then go visit Melbourne! It has plenty to offer everyone, particularly a curious escort!