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It all started with a simple apple... Since, love and food continue their little side story, in a report that sometimes escapes us, but we are under the influence.

The first time I saw him, we ate together at the table of a great restaurant. Slowly, very slowly, he pricked the tender bite and bore it to his lips. All his movements were slow and voluptuous. Between sips of wine, he gently caressed his glass, thoughtfully. I had only one desire, to feel his hands on my body, feel his lips on mine, be this mouthful, this wine. I already knew that was hidden under his suit, a monster of sensuality.

There, since the dawn of time, a close link between sex, cooking and love, between the culinary art and the bed. A first genital sexual organization is the one we call oral or, if you will, animal.

Cheeky: Let's eat

So we will not be surprised that sex and love begins, in many cases, at the restaurant. "There is no reason to believe that fantasies of culinary art are different than fantasies of bed." It was totally in on it, because it is undoubtedly the libertines of the eighteenth century who were able, with great art, use the culinary art as a prelude love.


Libertines, talk about love!

The link between food and sexuality is so narrow that the language of desire applies equally to the kitchen and in bed. Thus, metaphors designating parts of the female anatomy often relate to fruit: the peach complexion, almond eyes, hazel, cherry mouth...

On the other hand, don’t we talking about the lips of mouth being similar to the lips of the vagina? They say the other it is chewable, tasty, devouring eyes. It speaks of appetite when you see someone throw greedily on good food, but do not speak does one not also sexual appetite?


Culinary art

Who has not succumbed to the traditional candlelit dinner where the loved aspires with wine and intoxicating desire, will make the end of the evening like a fabulous adventure? Where the stretched skin of grapes and oranges will yield in the tooth pulp to discover them and release their juice? In fact, taste a dish in the presence of the other substitutes bite the kiss.


The body as table

But beyond the simple act of eating, all the senses are also participating in this celebration what the meal. Find, in his vision, the other in its entirety, contributes to the titillation of the senses.
But if food exacerbates the desire, it can also be part of sex. Here, no need to table or tablecloth, the body replaces it.
In a recent survey conducted in Australia, 47% of respondents said they had used food during their lovemaking, whipped cream and chocolate sauce winning the prize! Besides, this prelude is often advisable in erotic tests which it is proposed to a bend of the partner's eyes the other for the lead in an exhilarating sensory experience.


I hope these observations are helpful for you to turn your feasts to come to a sense of all the party and create your own little rituals for to spice up your meals. Whether you choose sheer gluttony or for culinary delusions more or less concerted two, the important thing is to cultivate and share the pleasures of its secret garden with people who appreciate them at fair value.