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This article is a basic and humorous guide to the escort insudtry and topics relating to it. 

Why not just run an escort service, when you can also have a fun blog about it and help any newbies into the industry understand a few things.
Available Angels team is aiming high in the escort directory market.

Our aim is to always the place to go when you are looking for real-time availability, on demand bookings and marketing and promotional services for the escorts.

Although this blog is simple, nothing is boring at the AA headquarters, we know how to have fun along the way!

So here is our A to Z guide on all things relating to the escort industry. We turned this opportuinity into an entertaining piece for our readers and robots. But hey, we enjoyed writing 2500 words and ended up laughin along the way.
Enjoy reading!

Oh and if you get near the bottom you might win a lucky prize. Read to find out more!


A. Available Angels.

Available Angels is a real-time directory-showcasing escort’s available NOW. Available Angel’s niche market is finding clients an available escort when they wish to be naughty.

Available Angels is totally awesome cause two amazing Australian escorts created this marketing system and the team continue to deliver innovative marketing ideas designed to change the way we market escorts forever. Keep your eyes on this space cause we are changing the game to keep up with the times of our fast paced society!


B. Boobs, Breasts, bosoms.

What would the escort industry be without breasts! The best part about the escort industry, you get ALL shapes and sizes. Escorts are designed to cater for ALL types of attractions and fantasy’s. Beauty isn’t defined by a woman’s cup size and that is proven every single day in the escort industry. I am a lover of large breasts but there is something so beautiful when I see the perfect A cup beauty. What’s your bosoms preference?


C.  Clients:

It wouldn’t be a complete guide without thanking escort clients for all their support. From all the escorts in the world, we thank you for making the escort industry enjoyable. Of course our gratitude only goes out to the nice and respectful clients. For all the timewaster clients, listen up. One of these days, we will have an App that tracks you bastards and you will NEVER get another booking again. Ever. So moral of the story, be a nice client if you want to get lucky….


D. Doggy Style.

All you have to do is scroll Available Angels and you will find one of the most popular poses is bending over on all fours mimicking doggy style. Why? What man doesn’t like doggy style. However, it’s a position that requires a certain compatibility between escort and client and you need to ensure the bed is the right height if you prefer to stand. I am certain you will have fun trying to explore doggy style with your escort so enjoy!


E.  Eating Pussy.

Just for fun, I am throwing this in “Eating Eden Love’s pussy.” For those that live under a rock, Eden Love is a one of Available Angels business partners and is Available Angels very first pregnant escort. But back on the topic – Eating pussy is engrained in all the clients of the escort industry. Men LOVE eating pussy. The best way to get really good at eating pussy is to keep practicing, explore a woman’s erogenous area and be consistent in the stroking of the clit. Your beautiful escort will thank you for it.


F.  Fetishes.

Fetishes are highly sought after in the escort industry. Escorts profit immensely on the weird and wonderful fetishes men seek. Some of the fetishes are BDSM, S&M, Role Play, foot fetish, BBW escorts, sploshing, food fetish, humiliation, cock holding, golden showers and the list goes on. Fetish escorts make the staple threesome fantasy child’s play!


G. Gagging.

Gagging in a blowjob is commonly found in a porn star experience. Clients often request things from their escort that they have viewed while watching porn. Men love the sound of their escort gagging on their cock while receiving a deep throat style blowjob. It enforces the dominant primal instincts that all men have ingrained deep inside their minds.


H. High Heels.

High Heels are also related to our fetish section as men just LOVE heels. Escorts love high heels, as you instantly feel slimmer, taller and sexier. It makes a great prop for the bedroom too if you want to try standing up positions.


I.    Implants.

Implants, specifically breast implants, are becoming increasingly more common not just within the escort industry but just generally in society. The wondering eye tends to pick up on breast implants before any other feature noticed on the female body; this is because essentially they look perfect! Albeit implants aren’t every man’s desire and a lot of escorts will be booked specifically because of their natural breasts over implants. Escorts also occasionally have to downsize their breasts, for personal reasons or maybe even to suit their target market. Sydney is without a doubt home to the most breast implants within Australia, the very image based escort industry down there does require some physical perfections that come in the form of cosmetic breast implants as well as many other surgeries.


J.    Junk in the trunk.

Okay, so we are cheating a little here but seriously the BIG booty is highly sought after in the escort industry. There is something about a woman with a tiny waist and a whole lot of curve from the hips. Escorts are now purchasing Brazilian butt lifts and butt implants to achieve this look. On twitter the hash tag #Squats #BigBooty is VERY popular. Curvy Escorts are in pursuit of that round juicy junk in the trunk. The bigger the better…


K. Kinkassage

Kinkassage is the erotic art of combining tantric practices with sensual relaxation techniques.
Sensory accessories from feathers and ticklers to to whips and pinwheels, this is a kinky and spiritual encounter of a different kind.
You can explore multiple orgasms, learn to squirt, g spot stimulation, prostate stimulation, bondage and kink as well as meditation techniques. Typically performed by a massage therapist, this is not usually an escort service but an accomplished escort may certainly offer it. Please see www.kinkassage.com.au for trained Kinkassage and Tantric therapists. We thank Aleena Aspley for her amazing skills in coaching/teaching such wonderful skills. 


L.  Luscious lips.

Luscious lips that pout gently and seduce you into making a booking. Escorts know how to make the perfect pout with their beautiful lips. Another amazing thing lips can do is give you divine kisses. Oh it isn’t a booking with an escort if you cannot kiss her. Lips provide the best form of foreplay – kissing you. They are also used in blow jobs – cock-sucking lips is the saying. Men love luscious lips for kissing and blow jobs and our beautiful escorts advertised on Available Angels can help you in that department dear sir.


M.    Male Escorts

This is not a new concept but men for women are becoming more popular amongst the busy businesswoman, to the shy ladies looking for a confidence boost, to the working mum who just needs a bit of pampering time.
Male escorts are not the cheesy gigolo stereotypes that people think. They are often normal guys, with normal day jobs that love women and want to make a career out of making women happy. Male escorts are also very high in demand for men. Not always particularly gay clients as typically assumed book these men. Many straight or bi curious men dabble in a bit of guy time. Although not entirely gay, what attracts straight men to male escorts is the secret naughtiness of the taboo.

N.  Nuru Massage – Japanese for "slippery"

If you like massage and erotic relaxation, this is definitely one to try. Super slippery, Nuru is a sexy body slides massage using a special gel made from seaweed. But don’t worry! It is odorless and tasteless.
Originating from Japan, it is now one of Australia's favorite and commonly practiced massages from female escorts and male escorts.
Completely naked, skin on skin, Nuru is one of the biggest teases you can have with or without full sex. Make a Nuru booking for yourself today!

O. Orgasm

Oh my what a journey to discover. And really, the journey is exactly what its all about. Escorts base their business on either the companionship role, or dedicating the time and training to develop their role in assisting you to learn to have an orgasm, find new ways of experiencing one, or try out multiple orgasms! As for the escort's orgasm, he or she may or may not have one or need one. Others are multi orgasmic and with the right connection, you'll get to see this sexy and vulnerable release. Enjoy yourselves!

P.  Pricing

Sex work doesn’t come cheap! If it does, I would question why. Establishments like brothels cover the costs of running the business, supplying the room and accessories etc so seeing an escort there can range between $160 and $250 for standard full service. Kissing, touching of breasts and pussy, oral sex or her, oral sex on you, anal play, domination, golden showers etc will come at an additional price per add on. Some ladies group price additional services. Private escorts arrange their own advertising, in call apartments or hotels, tours and supplies. They range between $50 for basic services such as a hand job, all the way up to $1500+ for xxx porn star experience. The world is your oyster when it comes to money for sex. There is always an escort for your taste and budget.


Q. Queensland Prostitution laws that suck.

As Queenslanders, we at Available Angels know the laws inside and out. Our laws work to help protect us but some can be a total hindrance.


  1. Services - Not being able to display/advertise sexual services is the bain of a Queensland escort's existence. Daily we are asked to supply this list and we can do so over the phone, email or by text. This adds extra communication back and forth between client and escort.
  2. Only 1 escort at a time lads, unless you are in a brothel. That's right. You can have a double escort booking at a brothel but you are not allowed to hire two private escorts at the same time. I can only assume this is to prevent illegal brothels. But surely what goes on in your hotel room should stay in your hotel room. You are allowed to have double escort bookings in NSW, VIC, WA, TAS, SA and the ACT. Catch up QLD!
  3. Natural Services - It is very important to take of one's own sexual health and I am certainly not condoning the practice of natural services to be the norm in the industry. However, if an escort chooses to perform natural oral on a consenting client, they should be able to do so. I find this rule ludicrous in the sense that swingers and people hooking up every weekend have the right to choose to have natural oral sex, yet an escort in Queensland may not. Again I understand this is to prevent "escorts gone wild" but this is not the case around the rest of Australia. Take for example NSW. There are many escorts in NSW who do not perform natural oral or services of any kind despite being allowed to do so. I don’t agree that the law should dictate what you can and cant do with your body in the privacy of your own premises. This is pure discrimination and makes the assumption that any escort providing these services must be "dirty" and therefore stopped. Ridiculous.

R. Read.

Yes you read this correctly. READ your escorts advert on a escort directory, website and twitter before making a booking. Trust me on this one gents. Your escort receives countless text messages everyday and you will make her/his life so much easier if you can make an informed booking enquiry. It’s a simple as making contact the preferred way and using your manners. Here is a textbook example way. Excuse me, I used myself as the example. Enjoy learning:

“Hi Kimber, I saw your advert on Available Angels and I really would like to see you. I noticed on your website you offer different packages/experiences and I would like to know more about the ultimate girlfriend experience. I am hoping to book for 2 hours on X day at X time. I am interested in a dinner date sometime in the future too so please let me know how it all works. Awaiting your response”. 

I understand your escort’s images might completely distract you. However, manners and reading her website will ensure your booking is mutually enjoyable for the both of you. Manners and a gent that can read is such a turn on...


S.   Services.

Escorts all have an inclusions list which list the services they include or charge additional fees for. Google is your friend with the acronyms and what exactly CIM, COF, BBBJ, Greek, Spanish, Italian slide, cum swapping, golden showers etc entail. Best bet is to read the list of services your escort offers and book the experience most suited to your tastes gents. Some escorts offer a menu of experiences, choosing 1 might be VERY difficult. 


T. Twitter

Twitter has become the social media savvy escorts golden nugget. Women are cashing in on tweets. Yep, that’s right, escorts are using twitter to sell themselves and their services. Some escorts also use it as a way to give an insight into their likes, passions and opinions in the hope it attracts clients on the same wavelength. Although twitter is a double edged sword for some escorts that find it difficult to separate their work twitter profile to their personal life. Sharing to much information is a detriment to an escort’s business if it will not produce an income. Or is it? Did twitter just deter clients that were not right for  a particular escort away. It all depends on the way you look at it really.


U. Underwear

Oh lordly. Escorts and underwear! Neither could exist without the other. Escorts basically wear suspenders, g-strings and sexy bras to the office. Wait a moment, they most certainly wear this and much much more. Escorts are expert underwear shoppers. Just ask Mia Monroe.


V.  Victorian prostitution laws (that suck balls)

Omg, where do I start! The state of Victoria have the most conservative prostitution laws. Sex workers and escorts call Victoria the 'Nanny State". But one law that really irks me is the In Call laws. Private escorts in Melbourne are prohibited to take In Calls. They must visit a clients hotel or private residence. Private escorts are allowed to run their businesses out of establishments however, the house will be taking a decent cut. Wake up Victoria, it's just plain unsafe to be forced to visit a clients residence. In Calls give escorts security, safety and a sense of well being. I really hope Victoria decide to look at this decision.


W.   Work

Sexwork is work. Escorts hate being discriminated against and they hate when their business is not considered legitimate. Social media has certainly highlighted this and the hash tag #sexworkiswork is used passionately to show society that sex workers should have the same rights to every other profession. Some people feel that escorts or sex workers should not be given income protection, insurance or business loans to improve their business. My opinion is if we are good enough to pay tax, we are good enough to receive the benefits other businesses have.


X.  XXX porn star experience

Porn stars and the porn industry has increased a clients desire to have filthy sex just like he sees in the movies. Anal, gagging, double penetration, fisting and filming have all become highly sought after services. And to top if off, Australian clients have some amazing Australian porn star escorts available for bookings on Available Angels. Check our Lucie Bee, Summer Knight, Mia Monroe plus many more. They will ensure your XXX porn star experience is unforgettable. 


Y.  Yoni massage

Yoni massage is a massage that is designed to release tension in the vagina. You want to know where you learn such a massage? Well Google Yoni massage teachers and find one in your local area. However, I have been informed the goal isn't to bring the woman to orgasm (possibly a potential side effect) It is however designed to let a woman surrender her inhibitions and connect on a deeper level sexually. If you are wanting to sing up now, I know our dear advertiser Aleena Aspley in Brisbane might be able to steer you in the right direction to ensure your pleasuring skills are up to scratch. 


Z.   Z-Jay

"What's a Z-jay?"
"If you have to ask, you cant afford it"
Beerfest 2006


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