A Mother's Strength

A Mother's Strength

Posted On 14/05/2017 by Admin

I never fully appreciated the strength of a mother until I became one.

In the glitz and glamour of this fantasy world, there's something you may not know about escorts.
Many are mothers. And many are bloody awesome ones too!

Some don't have a mother.
Some were mothers once but sadly lost their child.
And some are getting busy with their hubbies trying to become mothers. :-)

Today is the day where we stop to take a moment to appreciate our mums.

When you become a mother, the primal instinct to protect and nurture this little being comes out of nowhere and it comes out strong. It irreversibly changes a woman and brings out a strength in her she never knew she had.
Like the lioness, nothing and no one will get in between a mother and her child.

She will fight anyone that dares try harm her baby.
She will crawl over broken glass, walk into fire and even throw herself in front of a bus, if it means rescuing her child.

In society she fights off perfection pushers and social cliques.

And in the adult industry, a mother has to fight some more.
She battles off criticisms from anti groups, social warriors, the law, time wasting inconsiderates, potential perpetrators and sadly (and the worst of all) hatred from her industry peers.

She is here to make money.
She is here to feed her children.
She is here to see that her children get the best start she can possibly give.
She is here to increase her opportunities.
She may be here barely getting by. She may be really successful.
She may even do this to escape the repetition of Frozen and Wiggle's for a few moments of adult conversation.
She may love this industry, she may hate it.

But she is here. She gets up every day and does what every mother does, her best.

Some sex workers will be spending their day with their children.
Some may not be allowed.
And some may even be mourning today.

Let today be a day free of persecution and full of love.

For behind every mother, there is somebody who's happiness and well being is of far greater importance than her own.
And we should salute that.

Happy Mothers Day ladies.

Xx Eden